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1. Mylar
2. Angelina
3. Live in South Africa? Place and order with us
4. Hatched in Africa Offices

5. Freebies
6. Yahoo Groups

1. What is MYLAR
* Mylar is an opalescence tissue that looks like cellophane. It is POLYESTER based and does not perforate with use as cellophane does.
* Use it in your embroidery to add sparkle.
* Embroidery where Mylar has been used can be washed, dried in a dryer and ironed.

2. What is ANGELINA
* We work with 'Hot-Fix' Angelina which means we iron it flat and it bonds to itself
* Angelina can be layered in between fabric and organza to make great appliqué fabric.
* Use into felting when using a felting foot.
* It has been produced in such a way that even just a little added to another fibre mix will result in a sparkling effect.
* Angelina is polyester and it washable. We suggest hand washing. It dries very quickly.
* Angelina can be used in Freestanding lace

If you live in South Africa you can place orders directly with us. Phone, fax or e-mail your order to us.

General Inquiries: 013 282 8528 (& fax) or admin-hatched@lantic.net
Wholesale Inquiries: 012 660 1316 or hatched@lantic.net

* Exchange Rate: We charge R8 / $ regardless of the going rate. That is a set of $10 x R8 = R80
* No points are earned when ordering with us. Points only apply to orders placed online.
* Payment: EFT, Bank deposit or we can charge your credit card
* Delivery: We send the designs out by E-mail
* Postage: If you would like the designs on CD we can courier them to you. We just add courier charges to your total.

Our offices are in the centre of town in Middelburg, MP
Office hours 8h00 to 15h00

All the freebies have been moved from our webpage to a dedicated YAHOO Group. We use this group only to send out weekly newsletters and to store our Free Designs.
If you are new to Yahoo Groups please read Nr 5 below
Here is the link to the group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hatched_allsorts_notices/

Go to the 'FILE' section on the left hand menu to find and download the freebies

Yahoo Groups are discussion groups for all sorts of things. To join our Yahoo group all you need to do is:

* Go to: http://groups.yahoo.com and join by creating an account so that you can have a USERNAME and PASSWORD
* Click on our group link in Nr 4 above and join the group (Click the button 'join group')

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